What information will be required when I register?

To register and start working, you must fill out the form. You will be required to give details about your company.

Why do I need to show my bank details during registration?

Our system generates the invoices automatically and immediately after you accept the offer from the carrier. That's why the system needs your bank details.

Are all carriers inside our system reliable?

We guarantee, that all carriers, who are registered on our platform, are reliable. During registration we check the company information and CRM insurance. Additional control of carriers' quality is realized by evaluating them by shippers after every shipment.

What types of commodities can be shipped?

Shippers are allowed to ship all goods that are mandated for free circulation in the EU.

What countries can I send my freight to?

Our platform provides shipment services within the EU.

What information must I provide about my freight?

To get accurate offers from carriers, you must provide precise information: type of freight, location, time of loading and unloading, contact information, and possible additional notes about your shipment.

Will I have the opportunity to update information about the shipment, if I already have submitted it for bidding?

Yes, you can update your shipments information after submitting it for bidding.

Can I cancel my order after I have accepted an offer from a carrier?

You can cancel the order 24 hours before the loading time. If loading time is less than 24 hours away, then you can cancel before the carrier has asigned a driver for this shipment.

What should shippers pay attention to when choosing a carrier?

Shippers can choose based on price, but we advise you to take into consideration the terms of delivery and the rating other shippers have given to the carrier.

How are prices calculated?

Carriers will make bids, and our commission is included in the final price you see. You will have an opportunity to choose the best offer for you.

How do carriers decide on the price of their service?

Shippers Republic has no say in the prices that are offered by carriers. The carriers calculate the price depending on many factors, such as the actual costs of transportation and knowledge about the market conditions.

When do I pay for the shipment?

There are many options. You can pay as soon as you have accepted the carriers bid. You can pay for shipment prior to freight loading. But either way, the payment must be made before unloading your shipment at the destiantion.

How should the freight be prepared and who is responsible for that?

Shippers are responsible for freight preparation. It should be prepared in a way to minimize the risks of damage.

Who is responsible for loading and unloading the freight?

Shippers are responsible for loading and unloading.

How will I get notified about freight delivery?

You will get notifications both in system and by e-mail.

How do shippers receive documentation after the delivery?

The carrier's driver will upload the POD into the system, where you will be able to find it. You can also request for the original POD to be delivered by post.

Does the platform have a ranking system for carriers? Will shippers be able to evaluate their carrier?

Every shipper has an opportunity to evaluate the carrier based on several parameters. The combined score of the rankings will form the carriers rating. All shippers can rank their carrier.

Will Shippers Republic manage disputes?

We will provide you with the necessary support. All disputes between shippers and carriers are solved by referring to the CMR Convention, Article 31.

What steps will be taken by Shippers Republic if a carrier doesn't fulfil the agreed upon responsibilities?

Each case is considered and resolved in special order and depending on the current situation.


Where I can download the Shippers Republic mobile apps?

Our apps are available on the App Store (for iOs) and the Play Market (for Android).

Can an expeditor company use the system?

No, only companies that own vehicles and have CMR insurance can use this platform.

What do I need to do to start working with the Shippers Republic system?

You need to registrater, submit your company details and upload a copy of your CRM insurance.

Why are my bank details required for registration?

The system generates invoices automatically. The invoice will be ready once your offer is accepted by the shipper. This way you can receive your payment as soon as possible.

Can I view shipments without registration?

No, it is not possible. We strive to have secure privacy practices regarding shippers information. Registration on our platforma is free of charge and will take only few minutes. After you register, you will be able to see available shipments, and make bids immediately.

Can I change my offer, if I have already made my bid?

You can update your bid until the shipper has accepted the offer from a carrier. After accepting an offer, the shipment is no longer visible to other carriers.

Who is responsible for loading and unloadig of the freight?

Shippers are responsible for loading and unloading.

How do I notify the shipper that the freight is delivered?

We have seperate app for your drivers, where they can upload the POD immediately after delivery. The original POD must be sent via mail to Shippers Republic to ensure immediate payment for your services.

What is the payment policy for the provided transportation services?

We will make the money transfer immediately after receiving the original POD, it shouldn't take longer than five days.

Do I have to create the invoice for the provided services?

The Shippers Republic system automatically generates the invoices. But if it is necessary you can provide your own invoices.

In which situations can I turn to the Shippers Republic support team?

You can ask us anything regarding the shipment, the application, or the system. We offer online chat support via the system, you can send us e-mails, and of course you can always call the support line on +371 68206826.

How will Shippers Republic manage disputes?

We will provide you with the necessary support. All disputes between shippers and carriers are solved by referring to the CMR Convention, Article 31.